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Flower Power Day in Botan!

Welcome to a day where we explore the power of plants together, on Saturday May 25th from 11am to 3pm!

Målade blommor i flera glada färger
  • Plant senses. Exhibition in the garden.
  • Blossom exchange - Swap, Grow, Share. Join Hållbart Universitet (HU) to celebrate the beauty and utility of plants. Our plant swap is a perfect opportunity for gardening and plant enthusiasts to exchange their beloved plants, seedlings or seeds. Bring your plants, share their stories and get some others in exchange. Roll up your sleeves for a micro green hands-on workshop where you'll plant your own cress to take home. We will provide the materials and instructions, so whether you're a seasoned gardener or a curious newbie, you will have a day of green-thumb fun and sustainable living insights.
  • Wild plants in science. The Biological Museum show how they take care of botanical material.
  • Leopard’s bane and lily of the valley – perennials with a history, guided tour at 1pm (in Swedish). Linnea Oskarsson from the National Gene Bank gives a guided tour of the plants in the Clone archive (in Swedish).
  • Plant dyes. A small exhibition about yarn dyeing with natural dyes from plants.
  • BioBlitz at the Botanical Garden! For the first time, we are hosting a BioBlitz in the Botanical Garden! In a BioBlitz, we have the opportunity to try to identify as many organisms as possible in a limited time within the Lund University Botanical Garden. Everyone can join! You find all the details here.
  • Plants as sculptural material. How can plants help us to express ourselves and what can we learn from their expression? Friedel Weiser from Malmö Art Academy presents an art-installation with bamboo from the garden.
  • Friends of Botan. Our supporting association will be present in the garden all day.

    Together with: Hållbart universitet, Biological Museum, Botans vänner, National Gene Bank, Malmö Art Academy and students and researchers from Lund University.