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Pots and Containers


large container plants

A distinct addition to the Botanical Garden are the large pots and plant containers that are placed around the garden during summer. The species that are planted in them mostly come from tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

Some of the plants are both old and large. Many display fantastic flowering when they are allowed to move out into the open air. When the temperature decreases in autumn, these plants must be sheltered in greenhouses for overwintering.

century plant in container with large thick leaves in rosette

Century plant

The century plant (Agave americana) is a giant herb from southern North America and Mexico. The thick leaves are arranged in a rosette and can reach up to 2 meters. The century plant only flowers once, when it is around 50 years old, whereafter it dies.

The cultivar 'Marginata' has yellow leaf margins.

upright peculiar brightly coloured flowers and green leaves

Bird of paradise

Bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae) is native to South Africa. The peculiar flowers, resembling the crest on a bird's head, emerge in succession from a spathe. They are pollinated by sunbirds.