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Fragrance Patch


plants in raised bed

Experience the plants with all your senses. The plants growing here can be perceived in many ways. Some leaves are smooth and others are coarse. There are scented flowers and plants with leaves that secrete scents when touched.

The plants are grown in a raised bed so that visitors who have difficulty bending over and visitors in wheelchairs can also enjoy the plants.

The Swedish common plant names are also written in braille.

felt like greyish green foliage

Lamb's ear

The thick, densely woolly leaves invites to touching lamb's ears (Stachys byzantina). The plant occurs naturally in an area stretching from Turkey to Caucasus and northern Iran.

Lamb's ear is a popular garden plant widely cultivated across large parts of the world. It belongs to the mint family, Lamiaceae. Although mostly grown for its foliage, the pale violet flowers are also attractive. They appear in whorls on silvery stems that grow up from the leaf rosette.