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Mediterranean house



The climate in this house resembles the climate in countries around the Mediterranean Sea, that is to say cool winters, warm summers, temperatures between 15-28 oC (59-86 oF) and relatively dry air. In this house thrive many edible crops and herbs such as lemon (Citrus × limon), orange (Citrus x aurantium Sinensis-Gruppen), feijoa (Acca sellowiana), strawberry guava (Psidium littorale) and laurel (Laurus nobilis), among others.


Coffee (Coffea arabica)


Is a shrub that originates from eastern Africa, but is now cultivated mostly in South America. The coffee beans are the two seeds in the fruit (drupe). They are fermented, dried and roasted to get the desirable aroma.

Coffee came to Sweden at the end of the 17th century and in the beginning, it was only sold at the pharmacies. It was supposed to have a strengthening and stimulating effect. Today Swedes drink 3.2 cups of coffee a day, second most in the world, after the Finnish who drink 3.4 cups