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Ornamental Plants


view of colorful flowerbeds with orangery in background

Among the ornamental plants are many species and cultivars of flowering garden plants. Focus lies on interesting and decorative plants, and the plantings display both perennial and annual plants. It is therefore a good place to gather ideas for your own garden or balcony!

Every year since 1997, Swedish professional growers choose a plant or cultivar with great qualities that is elected "Perennial of the Year". You can find all of them here.

The annuals show off a colourful palette consisting of different common as well as unusual and new cultivars. Some are actually perennials, but due to the harsh climate they are grown as annuals in Skåne.

The ornamental section also house a collection of wild species and bred cultivars of geraniums and fuchsias. During the summer months they thrive outside but they need to be kept frost free during winter.

masses of tiny geranium flowers


There are nearly 300 wild species of geraniums (Pelargonium). Most are native to southern Africa, and from here the first geraniums came to Europe with European ships trading in the Indian Ocean region.

Southernwood geranium (Pelargonium abrotanifolium) was collected by the Linnaean disciple Carl Peter Thunberg during one of his travels in the Cape region in the 1770s, and he presented it to science. Unlike modern cultivars, southernwood geranium has rather small leaves and a multitude of flowers. Like other geraniums, it secretes essential oils from small glandular hairs on the leaves.