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From desert to rainforest

The greenhouse consists of nine departments with different climates and plants from all over the world. Adjacent to desert succulents are a couple of 100-year-old cycads, native to tropical forests, and now threatened by extinction.


The greenhouse was ready in 1865 and plants from the old greenhouse, then situated in Lundagård in front of the current university building, were moved here. Several of these plants, or their offspring, still linger among our collections, creating an atmosphere of old, dense vegetation that is characteristic of Botan. The visitor may not notice, but the were houses renovated on several occasions and the climate is now controlled by a computer.


In the greenhouse it is possible to study an astonishing biodiversity and the adaptations plants have evolved to survive in various habitats. Lianas, epiphytes and succulents are some of the life forms that can be seen. Exotic spices, fruits and other products from foreign countries are in place, alongside with orchids and other exiting plants.