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Victoria house

viktoria cruziana
In this room the climate is tropical with day temperatures between 23–26 °C. During the night, it is only insignificantly cooler. Humidity is high, around 70%. The house got its name because the plant Santa Cruz waterlily, Victoria cruziana, grows in the pond. In addition, a large number of economically significant tropical plants are cultivated here.

GIANT GRANADILLA (Passiflora quadrangularis)


The Giant Granadilla, or Barbadine is native to tropical and warm temperate areas of Central- and South America.Within the genus Passiflora, the Giant Grenadilla is the species producing the largest fruit. Fruits can grow up to 30 cm long.

Both the soft fruit wall and the seeds with their juicy coating are edible.



Santa Cruz Waterlily grows in the large rivers of tropical South America. Its generic name Victoria was given in honor a British queen.

The leaves become almost 2 meters in diameter and the upward-turned rim can be 20 cm tall. In the rim there are two notches where rainwater can drain off. Coarse prickles protect the lower side. A leaf can carry a weight of 40–50 kg without submerging. 

The flower is up to 30 cm in diameter, opening white the first day and turning rose colored on the second and last day of flowering.