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Plants outdoors

The botanical garden extends over an area of 8 hectares and comprise thousands of different plant species and varieties.

view of greenery

The Botanical Garden was established at its current location in the 1860s. Ever since the early days, the garden is divided into different areas, each displaying a collection of some of the plant world's enormous diversity. For example, in the Rock Garden you can study plants that have adapted to a harsh life above the treeline. The plants in the Spice and Medicinal Garden, on the other hand, share a history of cultivation because of their aromatic taste or medicinal properties, or both. In the page menu you can choose to read more about some of the collections.

The plants in the garden come from all over the world and comprise both wild species and cultivars. The latter are a result of cultivation and plant breeding. Most of the plants in the outdoor areas thrive in a temperate climate. Some of the plant collections, however, move outside only during the warmer months and have to be moved back in when it gets cold outside.